Today in Estonia, there are still many women and children who have no other dream than to survive for another day. Fantasy dreams consist of dolls, French fries, toys, enough food to eat, warm clothing or winter boots. For something truly exotic, they dream of a trip to one of the islands or maybe even Tallinn. While these may seem common to us, to them it is their greatest dream, one that will probably never come true. , these are This is real life and these are real dreams which unfortunately may never come true. Below, we share a few of these heartwarming but haunting stories. It took so little to make some of these shine, perhaps for the first time in their life. We ask for your assistance, to give some hope and joy to these women and children who are victims of abuse and domestic violence. These are people who ask for little and appreciate any act of kindness. Below we share a few stories sent by the Women’s shelter in Pärnu.

Helendi’s story: A group of young children drew pictures of their dreams. This consisted of pictures of dolls, new clothes, toys, and happy families. But one ten year old boy drew a picture of a bowl filled with French fries. His dream was that for once in his life he could eat as many French fries as he wanted. He had never been able to do that, since at home he had to share with his mother and four sisters. The next day he went on a trip with the women’s shelter and at lunch his wish came to pass, he was offered as many French fries as he could eat. He could not believe his eyes – he was so happy that he began to cry. He could hardly believe that his dream drawing had actually come true.

Tiia’s story: Traveling to a conference in Saaremaa, we were accompanied by several women receiving assistance from the Women’s shelter. While drinking coffee on the ferry, I notices that one of the women was missing. I noticed her quietly staring out one of the ferry’s windows gazing at the sea. When I approached her – she happily said “during my entire life, I have never been on one of the islands. This is my first trip on a boat, which has always been a dream. Thank you for making my dream come true”.

Tiiu’s story: She had moved from southern Estonia to Pärnu. Her lifelong dream had been to see the klooster in Piirita. Due to domestic abuse, she never had the opportunity to leave her home. Thanks to Mtü Pärnu Naiste Tugikeskus reg. nr. 80285330 Vahe 23-6, Pärnu, 80031 telephone: 5201737, this finally became a reality. Last summer the Women’s shelter organized a trip to Tallinn where Piirita klooster, the botanic garden and the radio tower were all included. To today, she still talks about her dream coming true on that beautiful day.

Nele’s story: The Women’s shelter was offering psychological therapy to children. The therapy involved making paper dolls from newspapers. A young girl, who was from a family of five children, asked if she could take the “newspaper” doll home with her. It came out that during her nine years, she had never had a real doll of her own. When I went home, I told my husband of the situation. He went out the next day and bought her a doll. Since this happened right before Christmas, this child’s Christmas miracle cane to pass. It is amazing how little it sometimes take to witness a miracle.