Below we show a small sample of typical situations that are in desperate need of hope for tomorrow.  Please help us give hope for a brighter future by providing a ray joy into a life that presently consists of only fighting to survive.  Let us all show that we appreciate what we have by helping those children and families who are in desperate and worse situations.  Because you never know – what tomorrow can bring – or what it can take away.

1.Washing machine and dryer

Large family with 7 children aged 2 to 13 years. 4 children attend school and three more in kindergarten. The father of the children has a job and the mother is currently at home but is looking for work.

A suitable looking washing machine will wash up to 9 kg of laundry and costs 400 euros including transportation and installation. The dryer is also large and costs 360 euros.

2. Refrigerator and windows

Large family with 6 children aged 3 to 15 years. Mom does sewing at home and goes to fairs to sell, father is a builder.

The expert suggested buying two adjacent refrigerators, one regular refrigerator and the other freezer for a total of 620 euros.

The price for the replacement of the house’s winter-proof windows is 960 euros.


Grandmother raises her grandchild alone because her father left the family and her mother is an alcoholic. Grandma is good, she goes to trainings to support her grandchild. Currently, the baby is sleeping in the same bed with her grandmother. Grandmother has raised 5 children herself. The sofa costs 550 euros.

4. Electric stove

A single mother raising her one child with disabilities has animals and is the “salt of the earth.” Mom works as a teacher in kindergarten. A very good mother whose income does not allow her to buy all the necessary household appliances. The electric stove costs 275 euros.

5. Washing machine and dryer

Large family with 7 children, all attending school. The mother works and the father participates in casual work. Dad cannot go to work every day for health reasons. This family would need a 7 kg washing machine, a price of 280 euros and a tumble dryer, a price of 360 euros.

 Total price based on quotes 3805 EUR