Below we show a small sample of typical situations that are in desperate need of hope for tomorrow.  Please help us give hope for a brighter future by providing a ray joy into a life that presently consists of only fighting to survive.  Let us all show that we appreciate what we have by helping those children and families who are in desperate and worse situations.  Because you never know – what tomorrow can bring – or what it can take away.

Annetusraha kasutamise eelarve 5.11.2020
Recipient Location Amount needed  € Proposed use of funds Number of children living with mother Living facilities Mother’s monthly income   €
Maria M Pärnu 250 Firewood and additional food  50€ 4 young children (6-13a) Rented 3 room apartment 960
Riina Pärnu 200 Winter boots for mother & children.  Vacuum cleaner 1   13-year old daughter with multiple alergies Rented 2 room apartment 680
Birgit P Lihula village Pärnumaa 200 Mattress (140×200) for mother’s bed,   Winter clothing for son 3 young boys  (6-16a) Rented 3 room apartment 840
Jaanika K Pärnu 250 Child’s (8a) Winter boots 49€, Warm gloves 16€, School sandals 30€. Lukas (6a) Warm hat 35€, Marta (16a) Warm coat 80€, Food  50€ 4 young children (6-13a) Rented 2 room apartment 660
Merly P Saaremaa 100 Food tjat will last for Christmas 2 Children (7year old boy and 13 year old daughter) Rented 3 room apartment 720
Triin V Saaremaa 100 Additional food for the holidays.   You just can not aford to buy all the food growing boys require. 2 young boys – 9 & 13 years old Rented 3 room apartment 700
Pilleriin J Tori village, Pärnumaa 250 Washing machine Beko WUE6511 XWW 250.- 4 young children living with mother Own apartment in a very old building 780
Haini T Pärnu 170 Winter boots for 12 year old daughter, Pants for 16 year old son 50€, Pants for 15 year old son 30€, Coat for 17 year old daughter60€ 5 Young children living with mother Own apartment bought with a loan 1140
TOTAL 1520