It is just amazing how little it takes to give desperate people a little happiness. In Estonia today, there are still many women and children whose only aim in life is to survive for another day. Fantasy dreams consist of dolls, French fries, toys, enough food to eat, warm clothing or winter boots. For something truly exotic, they dream of a trip to one of the islands or maybe even Tallinn. While these may seem common to us, to them it is their greatest dream, one that will probably never come true. , these are This is real life and these are real dreams which unfortunately may never come true.
It takes very little to bring even a minimum of joy and happiness to these individuals who experience such sadness and sorrow in their daily life. For those of us who have experienced a more plentiful life, don’t we owe something to the less fortunate. Please help bring some happiness and joy to some otherwise destitute mother or child by making a holiday gift

Three cups of coffee a year. May not sound like a lot. But believe it or not, that is all it takes to make a difference in the life of an Estonian child or a family in desperate need. By forgoing that little indulgence, you can make a difference in the life of someone who has little hope for their future. You can make them believe and thus give all of us hope for a better future.

Just remember how to begin with small steps. Sacrifice the small pleasure of three cups of coffee for the year and instead use that money to contribute hope for a brighter future for a child or a family. The money donated means hope!

There are approximately 900 children in Children’s Homes and Shelters etc in Estonia. For a small country with 1,6 million inhabitants it is a lot! Way too much! Please help us to change this situation for the better!

Forget yesterday
But always
Live for Today
Because you
Never know
What tomorrow
Can bring
Or what it
Can Take away