1. Mission of Statement

Through our activities, we want to support economically disadvantaged children and families to restore their faith, happiness, and hope for a better tomorrow. Through donations, we want above all to improve the daily living environment of children and families who cannot cope with themselves and make it more livable and safe. We want to support families in their difficult financial situation to help them rebuild hope and hope for a better future.


2.Procedure for payment of donations

The Estonian Women’s Association, in cooperation with its regional representatives and local government social workers, selects families in need and submits them to its board. The Board decides on the payment of donations based on the merits of the applications and the amount of donations received.

Donations received in the form of donations are paid according to invoices for goods, items or services needed to improve the living environment of children in need and their families.

The Estonian Women’s Association provides donors with an overview of the disbursements made at least once a year.

3. If you need IRS documentation for a tax deduction, please find it on the following website:


4. We are presently working to establish the ability to offer tax deductable donations within Canada.

In the meantime donations may be made to toetame.com  Donate


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